How much Internet data does Roblox use? [ANSWERED]


Roblox is quite a popular online platform that offers a wide variety of games. 

It has a large number of players, which keep on increasing! 

When a player starts playing a game in Roblox, numerous questions come to the player's mind! 

One of the most common questions that comes to a player's mind is regarding the data usage of Roblox. 

So, how much internet data does Roblox use?

On average, Roblox uses around 200-600 MB of internet data per hour, which is quite higher than average for an online game. 

But, there are also some high data-consuming games in Roblox that consume around 1 GB per hour at times. 

The internet data usage of Roblox might vary depending on how big the game is. But, it generally stays lower than 500 MB for small games and less than 1 GB for some large games. 

In this article, I've answered this question in more detail! 

I've also answered another related question that comes to the minds of a large number of Roblox players!

So, without any further ado, let us dive right into it!

Internet Data Usage of Roblox

I did some research to find the actual internet data usage of Roblox.

I asked all of my friends who played games in Roblox to monitor the data used by the game! 

Meanwhile, I also did the same thing. 

I and my friends played Roblox for one hour at a stretch on our respective devices and then, recorded the data used by the game. 

I found out that the data used by the game in one hour on the different devices was in the range of 250 MB to 500 MB per hour.

But, on the majority of the devices, the data usage of the game was around 300 MB per hour. 

Therefore, we can conclude that the internet data usage of Roblox is around 300 MB per hour. 

From here, we can also derive the internet data used by the game on a weekly or monthly basis!

If one plays Roblox for one hour every day for one week, the total data used by it would be around 2.05 GB in one week. 

Similarly, if one plays the game for one hour every day for one month, the total data used by it in one month would be around 8.78 GB. 

In Roblox, games like Jailbreak and Breaking Point generally use less than 500 MB of data per hour. 

On the other hand, some high-data-consuming games might also use around 1 GB or more than 1 GB of data per hour.

Now, you might want to know how much internet data Roblox uses according to the duration for which you have played the game.

To help you figure out the same, I've prepared a table for you. 

I've done the required math so that you don't have to!

Following is the required table: 

Playtime per day Data usage per day Data usage per week Data usage per month
1 hour 300 MB 2.05 GB 8.78 GB
2 hours 600 MB 4.1 GB 17.57 GB
3 hours 900 MB 6.15 GB 26.36 GB
4 hours 1.17 GB 8.2 GB 35.15 GB
5 hours 1.46 GB 10.25 GB 43.94 GB
6 hours 1.75 GB 12.3 GB 52.73 GB
7 hours 2.05 GB 14.35 GB 61.52 GB

Note: The data usage of Roblox has been taken as 300 MB per hour in the above table.

Does Roblox use a LOT of Internet data?

Compared to most online games in the market, Roblox relatively uses a higher amount of internet data (around 300 MB per hour). 

But, it provides a wide variety of cool games, at the same time!


In this article, I've answered one of the most common questions regarding the internet data usage of Roblox.

I've also answered another question that is quite common among most of the Roblox players!

Now, I'd like to hear from you:

Do you already play Roblox? If yes, since when did you start playing it?

Or, you might have a question! 

Either way, feel free to let me know by dropping down a comment below!


Raj Oberoi


Raj Oberoi

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