Clash of Clans Wizard Tower Upgrade Cost and Time [LIST]


Wizard tower is one of the most popular defenses in Clash of Clans.

Currently, there are 14 levels for this defense, and while being one of the most popular defenses, there are some confusing things about it.

The most confusing part of all is the upgrade cost and upgrade time of the Wizard Tower.

Well, worry not.

I did the math for you and summarized it all in this one article.

So, let's jump right in, and find out what exactly you need to max out your Wizard Tower and strengthen your defense.

Wizard Tower Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time in Clash of Clans

All the data about the cost and time of upgrading the Wizard tower is organized in the table given below.

And to make sure that the data is easy to understand, I’ve organized the data in text form as well.

Following is the required table:

Wizard Tower level Upgrade Cost (gold) Cumulative Cost (gold) Upgrade Time
1 120,000 120,000 3 hours
1 to 2 220,000 340,000 8 hours
2 to 3 420,000 760,000 12 hours
3 to 4 720,000 1,480,000 18 hours
4 to 5 920,000 2,400,000 1 day
5 to 6 1,200,000 3,600,000 1 day 12 hours
6 to 7 2,200,000 5,800,000 2 days
7 to 8 3,200,000 9,000,000 3 days 12 hours
8 to 9 4,200,000 13,200,000 6 days
9 to 10 7,200,000 20,400,000 9 days
10 to 11 10,200,000 30,600,000 14 days
11 to 12 14,200,000 44,800,000 16 days
12 to 13 16,200,000 61,000,000 17 days
13 to 14 18,200,000 79,200,000 18 days

The data given in the table can be interpreted as:

  • You’ll need 120,000 gold and it will take 3 hours to completely build the Level 1 Wizard tower.
  • You’ll require 220,000 gold in order to upgrade the Wizard tower from Level 1 to Level 2. It takes a total of 8 hours to complete the upgrade.
  • Upgrading from Level 2 Wizard tower to Level 3 will take 420,000 gold, and 12 hours to complete.
  • To upgrade Wizard tower from Level 3 to Level 4, you’ll need 720,000 gold and it will take 18 hours in order to complete the upgrade.
  • Upgrading Level 4 Wizard tower to Level 5 requires 920,000 gold and a whole day to complete the upgrade.
  • Going from Level 5 Wizard tower to Level 6 takes 1,200,000 gold and one and a half day (or 36 hours).
  • Upgrading the Level 6 Wizard tower to Level 7 you’ll need 2,200,000 gold and 2 days (48 hours) in total for the upgrade to complete.
  • 3,200,000 gold and 3 days 12 hrs (84 hours) are required to upgrade the Wizard tower Level 7 to Level 8.
  • In order to upgrade from Wizard tower Level 8 to Level 9, 4,200,000 gold and 6 days (144 hours) are required.
  • Upgrading from Level 9 Wizard tower to Level 10 takes 7,200,000 gold and 9 days (216 hours).
  • 10,200,000 gold and 14 days (336 hours) are needed in order to upgrade your Level 10 Wizard tower to Level 11.
  • Upgrading from Level 11 Wizard tower to Level 12 requires 14,200,000 gold and 16 days (384 hours) to complete.
  • To upgrade from Level 12 Wizard tower to Level 13, you’ll need 16,200,000 gold and 17 days (408 hours).
  • In order to max out your Wizard tower, that is, upgrading it from Level 13 to Level 14, you need to have 18,200,000 gold and 18 days to fully upgrade it.

The 'Cumulative Cost' column in the table can be used to keep track of the amount of gold that is being used for the upgrades.


This article lists the upgrade cost, cumulative cost, and upgrade time of Wizard tower in Clash of Clans.

I'll update the data in this article if the game gets more levels for Wizard tower in future updates.

Pen down in the comment section if you’ve already maxed out your Wizard tower, and if not, then at which level you are right now.

I've also written an article in which I've listed the upgrade cost, cumulative cost, and upgrade time of Hidden Tower in Clash of Clans. You can read it here.


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