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Nowadays, Free Fire has become very popular all over the world.

The game modes, characters, pets and many more features attract many gamers from all over the world.

Free Fire got its Kapella Patch  just a while ago. This patch has changed the game entirely. Across many other new features, it has introduced Ranked Mode in Clash Squad. This patch is very much appreciated by most of the Free Fire Players. I am providing this guide so that everyone of you who are reading this can easily dominate in this mode of Clash Squad. Be it Ranked or Unranked, after reading this post you can surely dominate any of the two modes easily by following this easy guide.

So, here goes our first post --

    Free Fire Clash Squad Guide

1. Choose the Correct Character and Skills


At first we need to know which character to choose. Remember, a good combination of a character with some over-powered skills can surely help you in your match. Here are some OP combinations with some explanations as well!! -

I.  DJ Alok with the skills of Kla (Muay Thai), Kelly (Dash) and Hayato (Bushido).

So here, Alok's ability will surely help you while rushing, reviving and other fast movements. Kla's skill- Muay Thai  will help you in knocking down other enemies by some fist shots or straightaway a headshot. Kelly's skill - Dash will also add on to your character's speed. Next, Hayato's skill- Bushido will help a lot when taking damage from an enemy.

P.S. Many people do not have the characters such as DJ Alok and Hayato as they need to be bought using diamonds. So you can move further to the next options if you do not have them. :D

II. Wukong with the skills of Kla (Muay Thai), Kelly (Dash) and Hayato (Bushido)

Here, Wukong's ability of Camouflage will be great when sneaking into an enemy. It is even better than a Ghillie Bush where your face and hands can be seen. Kla's skill will be great for knocking down enemy quickly with fist. Kelly's skill, will again add on to the character's speed. Last but not the least, Hayato's skill will help in a fight. By the way , this is the combination that I love to use. Here's a picture of it- :D

P.S. Although Wukong and Hayato were given for free in some previous events, many people can still not have them. If you are one of them, then you can definitely proceed further to the next combinations. :D

III. Kla with the skills of Kelly (Dash), Miguel (Crazy Slayer) and Moco (Hacker's Eye).

As mentioned earlier, Kla's skill can help to knock out enemies quickly with fists. Kelly's skill is the ultimate add on to the character's speed. Miguel's EP recovery upon each kill also proves to be great in modes like Clash Squad. Moreover, Moco's skill can be helpful not only to one player but also to the whole team. It tags enemies shot for a particular time whose info which also be shared to the team mates. Thus, it will reveal the opponent player's position which is very useful in modes such as Clash Squad !! This is the ultimate combination for the players who do not have the characters which can only be bought using diamonds.

P.S. You can also use any other character of your choice with some of the above skills. :D

2. Choose the Right Pet 

The next most important point before starting the match is choosing the correct/right pet. 
Here is the list of all the pets currently available in Free Fire followed by their skills.

I. Kitty - It is a very cute cat which has no Skills.

II. Panda - It is a great guy who can accompany you in your match. It can restore some HP upon each kills.

III. Night Panther - It is a cool-looking panther who increases some inventory space.

IV. Mechanical Pup - It is a cute puppy who does not have any skill.

V. Shiba - It is somewhat a flying puppy who marks one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds.

VI. Spirit Fox - It is a sweet and clever-looking fox who restores some HP when using a health pack.

VII. Robo - It is a flying sphere-like robot who adds a shield to the gloo wall, providing additional HP. 

VIII. Poring - It is a pink coloured water balloon like pet who increases 1 helmet and armor durability every 2 seconds. In simple words, it prevents up to level 1 helmet and armor from being destroyed.

IX. Ottero - It is a super cute DJ pet who loves to listen to songs ( I guess) . When using Treatment Gun or Med KIt, the recover also recovers some EP other than HP. 

So this was the pet list. To be honest, most of the pets do not serve any purpose in Clash Squad mode. In the Clash Squad mode, only the skills of PandaSpirit Fox, RoboPoring and Ottero serve a helpful purpose. So you can choose from any of the above pets for your match. Personally, I prefer Robo but you can choose the other ones too!!

P.S. You can now also use a pet by switching its skills. This means you can use any pet you like and switch its skill to an another pet's skill you own. Enjoy!~

3. Acquire some gun skins


Next, comes the task of acquiring some specific gun skins that you use frequently in your match. Gun skins provide a great advantage when fighting against an enemy. As all players cannot buy gun skins using diamonds, That's why I am providing the list of some gun skins which you can obtain by exchanging gold from the Gold Royale-


I. Desert Hunter - This skin is available as one of the prizes in Gold Royale. It is an over-powered skin for the gun -  G18 which increases the damage. It is a useful skin if you want to dominate the first round in Clash Squad.

II. Bloody Mary - You also get this skin as one of the prizes in the Gold Royale. It is a cool-looking skin for the gun - FAMAS which increases the damage of the gun.

III. Digital Camouflage - This skin increases the rate of fire of AK which is already a powerful gun.  

IV. Purple Parade - This skin is not that useful. But, it can make your M1014 shotgun look somewhat cool. Maybe it is not helpful, but it can somewhat be stylish. :D

P.S. There are always events going on in Free Fire. There are many cool gun skins in Free Fire that you can get by completing some tasks in the event. Moreover, if you have a Weapon Royale ticket then you can surely use it .There is always a chance of getting a permanent gun skin in Weapon Royale. :P

4. Prepare a Squad before the match


Now, the next important thing to follow is to Prepare a Squad before playing the Clash Squad match. If you already make a squad before the match, it helps you to co-ordinate with your squad mates more properly. Generally, if one starts a matchmaking with only one player ,that is, the player itself , then it becomes pretty difficult for him to co-ordinate with the team mates and make a cool plan. Moreover, the squad mates whom we get matched up with are not always very good. Sometimes, the random team mates also do not revive you intentionally when you are knocked down. This is another disadvantage of playing with team mates.

If you want to practice playing in the normal Clash Squad mode (not ranked mode), then you are free to go with random team mates. But if you are playing Ranked Clash Squad mode, then I would prefer playing with your own selected squad mates. 

5. Use the Gloo Wall Properly


One of the best battle tools in Free Fire is the Gloo Wall!! It is a white grenade like tool which provides a shield like wall (looks like it is made up of gloo) when used. Now, using it is very easy and it is very useful in modes like Clash Squad. But using it properly needs some practice. What I mean by properly is like using the gloo wall at the right place and at the right time. It looks very easy but actually it is not like that. Here are some points you need to keep in your mind while using Gloo Wall and become a Pro Gloo Wall user-

I. General Sensitivity- Always try to keep the General Sensitivity to 100. It is one of the most determining factors for the quick deployment of gloo wall. What happens in full 100 general sensitivity is that it enables you to control the game smoothly. As a result it helps in the fast deployment of gloo wall.

II. Placement of the gloo wall button- You can place the gloo wall button anywhere on the screen according to your wish. But, always try to keep the size of the gloo wall button full 100%. As a result, when your finger touches the gloo wall, it instantly gets equipped and thus, helps in its fast deployment !!

III. Practice the use of Gloo Wall- The best way to learn the proper use of gloo wall is by practicing. Just make a custom room with unlimited ammo settings and practice your gloo wall skills! The most important thing to practice is the fast-tapping of the gloo wall button and then the fire button. Thus it will help a lot whenever an enemy is shooting you, then you can easily deploy the gloo wall at lightning speed!!

IV. Using Gloo wall while rushing- The best tactic for using Gloo Wall while rushing is to - Run, Jump, Click on Gloo Wall button quickly followed by the deploy button and stand by!! You can always you this tactic in not only rushing but also when getting shot by the enemy.

V. Using Gloo wall while fighting- The best tactic for this scene is- Fire some bullets, stop, click on the Gloo Wall button quickly followed by the deploy button and repeat ! 

6. Choosing the Right Weapon

Now, when playing in game modes like Clash Squad, choosing the right weapon is very necessary. That's why, it is also very important in this guide. Here I have listed some OP(over-powered) weapons which will surely help you in your matches!!

I. For The First Round - The first round is the only round when you do not start with much money. Thus, many players opt not to choose any guns in this round for saving their budget. They generally use fist which is already empowered with Kla's ability and it is super easy to knock someone down using it !! But, if you want to use a gun in the first round, then I would prefer using G18.

II. Guns for short range - Well, when we think of short range guns, the first thing that comes in our mind is shotgun. In Clash Squad, the shotgun - M1887 has been doing pretty well since its release. Now, many players also like to use SMG guns for short range. If you are looking for a SMG gun, then I would prefer using MP40 or Thompson!! Personally, I use Thompson but you can also try the other ones.

III. Guns for long range - AK, SCAR and XM8 do pretty well in long range. But you can also choose AN94/FAMAS for long range as they are pretty cheap!!

P.S. If you are also an AWM lover like me, then feel free to use it and sweep!!

7. Use the Grenades efficiently

Next, Grenades play a very important role in every Clash Squad match. It is not very tough to use the grenades properly, but the thing is that you need to know the position of your enemy. Never throw a grenade in the wrong direction! Always think twice wisely before throwing a grenade! For example, if an enemy is standing behind a tree taking the permanent cover, try to throw two grenades(one on the right and the other one on the left). This will confuse the enemy and as the enemy will try to move from his place, the grenades will do their work. :D

8. Positions are the Keys To Win


Knowing the enemy's position can help you dominate the match! Always try to change your position as well as look into the enemy's position frequently. This will help a lot as the enemy would be confused and meanwhile, as you know your enemy's position, you can easily sneak into him and guess what? Booyah!!

9. Try To Take Permanent Covers


Permanent covers are covers that cannot be destroyed. Permanent covers like trees, buildings , big boulders can prove to be pretty OP (over-powered) when taking a fight. Thus, always try taking such covers while fighting with enemies! But every time it is not possible to take permanent covers and so, you can also use gloo walls in place of that when there is no scope of taking permanent covers!

10. Never compromise Gloo walls for Mushrooms

Well, you must think what I mean by that. When we go for a round in Clash Squad , a shop appears. Now, we do not always have enough money to buy both gloo walls and mushrooms! In such cases, I always prefer buying gloo walls instead of mushrooms. Gloo walls can help a lot instead of those mushrooms which give 100s of EP . Moreover, if you love mushrooms, you can play with Miguel or use its character's skills for getting EP after each kill. You can also use Panda or its skill for such purpose! But, try not to compromise Gloo Walls for Mushrooms!!

11. Never rush recklessly

Well, rushing is sometimes a very important factor for killing the enemies completely in Clash Squad !! But it can be pretty dangerous to rush alone without a backup. So, try not to rush alone unless you have already knocked three of the four enemies down! What I do is take a backup of one or two squad mates while rushing. The other one tries to locate the position of rest of the enemies and communicates to us!

12. Do not get distracted by enemies

This is very common when you try to locate the position of one player and get distracted by the firings of your enemies! Well, this is not to be done. When you are focusing on an enemy, try not to lose your concentration until and unless you have swept the enemy!

13. Team Communication is the main key

If you are playing with your own team (as we generally do not always get good random team mates in a match), then make sure to have a communication (through voice chat) during the match! This can have a great effect in your Clash Squad match! Moreover, a proper team communication can also be a factor in making you win a very hard match in Clash Squad!

14. Learn the Drag method

You must be wondering what is drag method. Well, drag method is a technique used when shooting, for getting an insane head shot! The requirements to master this technique are super easy! So let's get started!

I. Keep your general and main sensitivities full i.e. 100 .
II. Keep the fire button large on the screen.
III. Whenever shooting an enemy, drag the fire button up slowly for a good head shot.

So these are the three ways which can help you in mastering the Drag Method! Believe me, the drag method works pretty good in Clash Squad matches. Guns in Free Fire Clash Squad can be used efficiently following the Drag method! 

15. Fight Together, Win Together!


Here comes the most important thing that is needed in every match for establishing a great Booyah in a Clash Squad match! It is TEAM WORK.  It is the most important requirement for winning every match! There is always a need of proper co-ordination and team work among the four squad mates. If you are able to establish a proper team play, then nobody can stop you from getting that great Booyah!!

Bonus information: How to implement the above tips in your match?

You might be wondering now how to implement the tips in a Clash Squad Match. Well, you have got the tips and now the thing is you need to implement them in a proper way in the Clash Squad Mode. To make the best use of the tips, you need to practice!! You can practice implementing the tips in a custom room or in a unranked/unrated Clash Squad Match. Believe me, if you do follow and implement the tips correctly, no one can stop you from being  one of the PRO players in Clash Squad Mode!!


Well, I hope you have understood the tips and tricks properly. These tips are very useful when playing the Clash Squad match! You can try them yourself and check the results!! I agree that Ranked Clash Squad mode becomes tough sometimes, but believe me, if you follow the above tips and tricks, no one can really stop you from winning most of the matches!! Good Luck! If you have any doubt or problem regarding the guide, do not hesitate to comment here and expect a reply within 24 hours!!

Raj Oberoi

Raj Oberoi

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