Minecraft: First Impression, Game Review with Pros & Cons!


Minecraft has been winning hearts of the gamers since its release! If you're confused whether to play the game or not, then you have come to the right place!

In this article, we have shared our first impression of the game, a short game review along with some listed pros and cons of the game.

So without further ado, let's start the article!

Short Introduction of Minecraft


To cut the long story short, Minecraft is a pretty amazing game.

The game was released 9 years ago but started to rocket its popularity a few years back and is now one of the most popular games across all platforms.

Development for this game was originally led by Markus Persson but when it was released, Jens Bergensten began to take over development of the game.

First Impression of Minecraft


When I first started playing Minecraft, I did not have a good first impression of the game. I started off playing the tutorial and it went well for me.

The only problem was after that. I didn’t look at any online guide and so I didn’t know what to craft.

Luckily, they put recipes for everything in the crafting table to make it easier for newbies.

Survival mode was fun until it was too repetitive and grindy. Next, I went over to Creative mode.

I enjoyed Creative mode because it let me use my imagination and I had access to everything in the game. It was a blast.

This game is a game that is good beyond the graphics and it also proves that games don’t have to have amazing graphics to be fun. 

Minecraft Game Review


Simply, this game is amazing. In Creative mode, you can use anything that your imagination tells you to create limitless creations with all of the items in the game.

In Survival Mode, you can strengthen up your skills and make a living in a world where monsters roam.

For the cherry on top, there are Multiplayer servers where you can battle your friends in numerous minigames and come out on top.

This game is easily one of my favorite games as well as many others. Minecraft has in-game purchases where you can buy skins or texture packs to make your character shine.

Yes, there are some bugs in this game but none of them are really game breaking. Most of them revolve around playing with minecarts.

This game is cheap for only $30 and you can expand from that. If you haven’t tried this game, I definitely recommend it to you.

Pros and Cons of the game

Pros of Minecraft


This game has multiple pros. One of which is the fact that this game can be fun for everyone. It isn’t meant for just kids nor just adults but can be played as a family game.

You can tell that this game’s target age is for kids but that doesn’t make it bad for others.

The developers of this game did a very good job of making it kid friendly while also not making it completely confusing for adults so they can interact with their kids.

The second pro for this game is its graphics. While the game definitely doesn’t have the best graphics, you can tell that wasn’t what they were intending.

It isn’t overloaded so it can run just fine on a computer and they nailed the concept of a cartoony world for kids.

The design is simple yet amazing and it definitely shines out from other games.

Another pro for this game is its wide variety of items. For a game that focuses on building and crafting items, the developers did an amazing job of making tons of items resulting in limitless creations.

For Creative mode, this lets me explore my imagination and create structures to show to my friends.

For Survivor mode, I can grind enough items to make amazing buildings.

Minecraft did an amazing job with grinding and building to the point where it barely isn’t boring.

The final pro I’m mentioning for this game is the Multiplayer Mode. When you’re creating your own worlds or joining a server, I love how it’s so easy.

Multiplayer makes the game a lot better and lets you enjoy everything with friends.

I like playing PvP, which is competitive battling. Multiplayer is a fun way to make time pass. 

Cons of Minecraft

As I mentioned earlier, grinding exists in this game. Whether it might be mining in a cave, building a huge masterpiece or looking for the same monster to kill, this game gets repetitive.


Yes, it mostly results with a good reward but the cost could just be too much after some time.

When you’re watching YouTube while grinding on Minecraft, you know there could be a problem.

The second con is with vehicles.

Some vehicles such as boats and minecarts get broken way too often and it’s annoying when I depend on them in Survival mode, though I rarely use them. 

The Ultimate Conclusion

In conclusion, Minecraft is an amazing game. You should definitely try it if you haven’t, it’s 30 dollars on PC and a little less for consoles.

I definitely think you cannot call yourself a true gamer until you’ve played Minecraft because this game is universal and so golden.

There is endless fun to this game and it’s constantly getting updated with new items. Minecraft easily makes one of my favorite games, with many people agreeing. 


Raj Oberoi

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Raj Oberoi

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