Free Fire new character D-Bee: All you need to know!


Free Fire never fails to amaze its players with new characters! 

In fact, the character system is one of the main aspects of the game that attracts a lot of players! 

The upcoming OB28 update in Free Fire is going to make a lot of new changes and add some features to the game! 

In the OB28 update or after the update, a new character would also be introduced named D-Bee. 

In Free Fire, every character comes with a special ability or skill except one or two. 

Similarly, the new character D-Bee also comes with a cool skill! 

In this article, I've listed everything you need to know about the new character D-Bee in Free Fire! 

In the end, I've also listed the best ways to use the character in the game and dominate every match!

So, without any further ado, let's start!

About D-Bee character in Free Fire


The D-Bee character would be added to the game in the OB28 update or just after it.

It comes with a passive ability.

D-Bee has an ability named "Bullet Beats". 

As it can be guessed from the name of it, the ability influences the character's movement speed.  

At level one, when a player fires while moving, the character's movement speed gets increased by 35%, and the accuracy gets increased by 35% as well. 

At the max level which is level 6, when the player fires while moving, the character's movement speed gets increased by 70%, and the accuracy gets increased by 70%. 

As it can be seen from the ability, the character has a chance to dominate the game.

If it is used properly, one can easily dominate every match one plays which would be great!  

The increased accuracy during firing and moving at the same time would make the process of shooting work like a charm!

Now, let us know the best ways to use the character in Free Fire and dominate every match! 

Best ways to use D-Bee character in Free Fire 

The best ways to use D-Bee character in Free Fire are: 

  • Whenever one shoots an enemy from long range, one can move while firing to increase the accuracy to a great extent.

  • Whenever one moves through an open area and gets shot by an enemy, one can take a cover and start shooting. During the process of firing, one can just peek out of the cover, shoot, and start moving towards the cover, and as a result, one can save oneself from getting more damage. One would also get more accuracy through the movement while firing.

  • In the short range, one can make use of the ability in a great way. For example, when using an SMG gun like MP40, one can move while firing, which would increase its accuracy. As we all know, MP40 itself does great damage but has some recoil. But, if one moves and fires, the accuracy would increase due to the ability, and one would knock down the enemy easily!


The D-Bee character has a great chance to be the ultimate game-changing character in Free Fire!

However, it might not appear the same to all the players.

Some players might think of it as a bad character while some might think of it as an amazing character. 

After all, every player has their own taste and playing style. 

The character might suit one's playing style and taste but at the same time, might not suit another one's playing style and taste. 

Hence, we should always respect every player's opinion. 

Ultimately, it depends on how a player uses the character in the game! 

Now, I'd like to turn it over to you: 

Did you like the new character D-Bee's ability? 

Or, you might have a question.

Either way, feel free to let me know by commenting down below!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q.1. When will the D-Bee character arrive in Free Fire?

Ans: The D-Bee character would officially join the other characters in Free Fire in the OB28 update or just after it. 

Q.2. What is the name of the D-Bee character's ability?

Ans: The name of the D-Bee character's ability is "Bullet Beats".

Q.3. Is the D-Bee character good?

Ans: The D-Bee character has a great ability and if used properly, it can easily dominate every match! 

Q.4. Is the D-Bee character a dancer?

Ans: Based on the character's appearance, the D-Bee character seems to be a street dancer. 


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