Free Fire new pet Moony: All you need to know!


Free Fire never fails to engage its players with new cool events! 

This time, Free Fire has introduced a new pet named Moony! 

As we all know, pets in Free Fire come with a skill.

If they are used properly in the game, they can help one to dominate a match nicely! 

Keeping that in mind, Moony also has a cool skill named 'Paranormal Protection'. 

But, players might get confused while using or learning about this particular skill! 

To prevent that from happening, I've discussed all the characteristics of the pet Moony in this article!

Moreover, I've also listed the best ways to use the pet in the match! 

So, without any further ado, let's start! 

About Moony pet in Free Fire

Moony is a new pet introduced by Free Fire.

Moony has two pet actions that one can get for free by leveling it up. 

The two pet actions are: Celebrate and Play.

It has a skin that players can get by leveling the pet up. 

The skin name is Hipster Moony. It can be unlocked at pet level 6. 

It has the following skill: 'Paranormal Protection'. 

This particular skill helps in reducing damage whenever the player is in an interaction cooldown i.e. applying a med-kit, using a repair-kit, etc.

If we compare it with the skills of other pets, it is quite good and even better than some! 

Speaking of its skill, at level one, it reduces 20% damage when the player is in an interaction countdown i.e. applying medkit or using a repair kit. 

At its max level, which is, skill level 3 (and pet level 7), the damage reduction gets raised to 35% during any interaction cooldown. 

If we observe it closely, it can be a powerful skill only if it is used properly.

To help one use this pet and dominate every match, I've listed the best ways to use this pet just below the next section! 

Before knowing the best ways to use it, let us first know how to obtain the pet!

How to get the pet Moony in Free Fire


Free Fire has introduced a top-up event in the game in which one can obtain the new pet Moony through a top-up!

The top-up details are as follows: 

  • Moony: 100 diamonds top-up.
  • Crystal Moony pet skin: 300 diamonds top-up.
  • Safari Riot Blueprint: 1000 diamonds top-up.

Therefore, in order to get the pet Moony, one has to do a top-up of 100 diamonds. 

For getting the Crystal Moony pet skin, one has to do a top-up of 300 diamonds.

For the Safari riot blueprint, one has to do a top-up of 100 diamonds. 

However, after the top-up event, players can get the Moony pet in the store for about 599-699 diamonds. 

Note: This is an approximate value based on the value of previous pets who were introduced through the top-up event. 

Now, let us have a look at the best ways to use the Moony pet in the game! 

Best ways to use Moony pet in Free Fire

The best ways to use Moony in a match are as follows: 

  • Whenever one is moving through an open area and someone fires at one all of a sudden, one should immediately take a cover and heal. At that time, Moony will be useful as it would prevent any further large damage to an extent. But, one has to keep an eye while healing as well, so that one does not get much damage. 
  • Whenever one is using a repair kit or eating a mushroom, Moony's skill would help in avoiding a large amount of damage when someone fires at one at that particular time.
  • Whenever reviving a teammate, one would also get a damage reduction when someone fires at one. As a result, one can make good use of it while reviving a teammate as well!


Moony is indeed a very nice pet to use. 

However, it might not appear as a complete game-changer to most players! 

But, we should always remember that everyone has their own choice. 

Moony might appear as a great pet to one, and at the same time, as a bad pet to another one.

It fully depends on one's taste and how one uses the pet! 

Now, I'd like to turn it over to you: 

Are you going to buy Moony during the top-up event?

Or, you might have a question!

Either way, feel free to let me know by commenting down below!

Frequently asked questions [FAQ]

Q.1. How do we get the Moony pet?

Ans: Moony pet is currently only available in the top-up event where one has to do a top-up of 100 diamonds to get it.

Q.2. Is the pet Moony good?

Ans: Well, Moony has a good ability and if used properly, it can dominate a match! 

Q.3. What is the name of Moony's skill?

Ans: Moony has a skill named 'Paranormal Protection'. 

Q.4. How much damage reduction does Moony do?

Ans: At pet level one, Moony does a damage reduction of 20% and at the max level i.e. 7, Moony does a damage reduction of 35%.

Q.5. Is Moony an alien?

Ans: Based on Moony's appearance, it seems to be a cute alien. 

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