Chrono vs Wukong: Who is the better character in Garena Free Fire?


After the OB27 update in Free fire, there have been many changes in the game.

A lot of characters have been nerfed and buffed as well. 

Chrono was one of the characters who got nerfed because of his overpowered ability. 

But, on the other hand, Wukong got a great buff and is now dominating the game! 

While Chrono was nerfed as there was a great demand from survivors to reduce its power, Wukong got buffed because of the increasing demand from survivors to increase its skill's power! 

Like all the characters in Free Fire, Wukong has a special ability that helps a survivor to overcome their opponents in a match. 

However, Chrono's demand has reduced in the game while Wukong's demand has increased a lot.  

Surprisingly, as it can be observed after the update, Wukong has become very dominating due to its overpowered updated skill! 

In this article, the character abilities of Chrono and Wukong have been compared as well as analyzed to see which one would be better to use now after the OB27 update in Free Fire. 

There's also a hidden bonus at the end of the article!

About Chrono Character in Free Fire


Chrono has an active skill called Time-Turner. 

At its first level, its ability creates a shield that prevents enemies from doing 600 damage. 

Inside the created shield, the player can shoot at opponents or use a med-kit or do whatever it wants! 

However, Chrono's ability has a new disadvantage. 

The cooldown of its ability has been increased in the new game update. 

As the character is leveled up to 6, its agility increases to 15%, skill duration increases to eight seconds, and the cool-down time reduces to 170 seconds.

Earlier, Chrono had a cooldown of 50 seconds on the ground which was very less!

But, now it has a cooldown time of 200 seconds. 

This imposes many disadvantages on the players as they can hardly use Chrono's ability more than 5 times in a match. 

About Wukong character in Free Fire


Now, let us focus on Wukong's ability. 

Wukong has a skill called Camouflage. 

Camouflage is an active skill. 

At level 1, the player can be converted into a bush for 10 seconds. 

The cool-down time is 300 seconds.

However, when the player tries to shoot an enemy, the transformation stops and the player changes back to normal! 

But, the cooldown is reset after an opponent is killed which is a great plus for the survivor!

Wukong's cool-down time decreases to 200 seconds at the highest level, and the transition time has also increased to 15 seconds after the OB27 update.

Not surprisingly, it has added a lot of advantages to the survivors!

Now, Wukong's skill also has a disadvantage! If one uses wukong's skill outside the safe zone, it does not work! 

Also, whenever an enemy shoots at one's transformed bush, one transforms back to normal.

Also, whenever one (using wukong) knocks down or kills an enemy, the ability gets ready to be used again!  

This has greatly increased the demand for wukong among the survivors!

The Ultimate Comparison 

It can be clearly observed that Wukong has got a massive buff and is dominating the game already.

The demand among survivors for Wukong has increased a lot! 

On the other hand, fewer people are using Chrono now due to its nerf! 

In fact, people who loved to use Chrono initially are no moving towards using Wukong!

Technically, Wukong's ability seems to be better than that of Chrono as well!

As a result, in the comparison between Chrono and Wukong, Wukong tends to perform better than Chrono!

Bonus: Best ways to use Chrono and Wukong

Now comes the Bonus part! 

So, now, let us discuss the best ways to use Chrono. 

The best ways to use Chrono are:

  • The survivors can use Chrono to move fast.
  • When the enemy is shooting and one's health is decreasing, one can use the ability to get a temporary cover.

Let us now come to the best ways to use Wukong. 

  • When there is an enemy shooting and there is no cover, one can use the ability of Wukong in order to get rid of the enemy!
  • Survivors have got an amazing advantage: a player gets wukong's skill back and need not wait for its cooldown, as soon as a player knocks down or kills an enemy. Hence, players can try to knock down or kill enemies instead of waiting for the cooldown of the skill to end!
  • Players can also use Wukong's skill for sneaking into any place and surprising the enemy!


We can conclude that Wukong has received an amazing buff and is now, dominating the game! 

But, Chrono is also rocking the game because of its unique and powerful ability! 

However, more people are preferring Wukong over Chrono nowadays!

Now, I'd like to hear from you:

Out of Chrono and Wukong, which character do you like the most?

Or, you may have a question.

Either way, feel free to comment down below and let me know! 


Raj Oberoi

Raj Oberoi

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