Xayne vs Chrono: Who is the better character in Garena Free Fire?


After the OB27 update, there have been quite a few modifications in Free Fire. 

That being said, a lot of characters have been nerfed and buffed as well. 

A new character named Xayne was also introduced. 

On the other hand, a powerful character named Chrono has been nerfed.

In this article, I've compared and analyzed the character abilities of Chrono and Xayne to see which one would be better to use now after the OB27 update in Free Fire.

There's also a hidden bonus at the end of the article!

About Chrono Character in Free Fire


As said earlier, Chrono was one of the characters who got nerfed because of his overpowered ability. 

There was a great demand from survivors to reduce its power.

Speaking of its ability, Chrono has an active skill called Time-Turner. 

At the first level, its ability creates a blue-colored shield that prevents enemies from doing around 600 damage.

Inside the shield, the player can shoot at opponents or use a med-kit or do whatever it wants! 

Now, Chrono's ability has a new disadvantage. The cool-down of its ability has been increased in the new OB27 update.

At character level 6, its agility gets increased to 15%, skill duration gets increased to eight seconds, and the CD gets reduced to 170 seconds.

Previously, Chrono had a cool-down of 50 seconds on the ground. 

But, it has a huge cooldown time of 200 seconds now. 

This imposes many disadvantages on the players as they can hardly use Chrono's ability more than 5 times in a match.

As a result, only a few people are using Chrono in a match.

However, despite the nerf, Chrono still has its earlier ability and is dominating the character segment. 

About Xayne Character in Free Fire


In the new update, A new character named Xayne was added to Free Fire.

It can be obtained through a top-up of 200 diamonds while its bundle can be obtained through a top-up of 500 diamonds.

The character has an active skill.

Like most characters in Free Fire, Xayne has a special ability that can help a survivor overcome their opponents in a match. 

Now, let us focus on Xayne's ability.

Xayne has an active skill called XTREME ENCOUNTER. 

The specialty of its ability is that it gets 100 HP temporarily and the character's gun's damage to gloo walls and shields gets increased by 50%. 

It has a cool-down time of 150 seconds at Level 1.

At the max level i.e. level 6, the damage to gloo walls and shields is increased by 80% and the ability's cool-down time gets reduced to 100 seconds.

It has a great ability to destroy the gloo walls faster than before which is an incredible choice for Esports players.

The character's ability helps survivors in the match to gain 100 HP temporarily. 

As a result, it helps players to escape from the enemy if their HP is very less. 

It can be used nicely especially in the last zone! 

The Ultimate Comparison

First things first, Xayne is an amazing character! 

If its ability can be used properly, it can be the ultimate gamechanger! 

At first, when Chrono was introduced in the game, it was overpowered as well. 

However, because of the nerf, Chrono's ability does not function as great as before. 

Although he has his shield and power, the cool-down time makes it difficult to use it efficiently. 

Furthermore, Xayne's ability can help him get 100 HP temporarily which is a great plus for a player. 

Xayne's ability also increases the damage to gloo walls and shields, and so, it can quite easily destroy Chrono's shield as well.

Thereby, in the comparison between Xayne and Chrono, Xayne tends to win.

Bonus: Best ways to use Chrono and Xayne

So, here comes the bonus part!

The best ways to use Chrono are:

  • The survivors can use Chrono to move fast simply because Chrono skill increases the character's movement speed by 16%.

  • Another way is to use it when the enemy fires at one and one's health decreases. If it is used at that time, one can get an advantage in shooting the enemy.

  • If one is in an open area where there is no cover like a tree or a house, one can use Chrono's skill as it would help in getting cover for a little time to get rid of the enemy.

  • Chrono also helps survivors to use the skill to take cover and get an advantage when there comes a sudden rush from the enemy.

The best ways to use Xayne are:

  • It can be used when an enemy is shooting and one's health has decreased very much and HP is quite low. If used at that time, Xayne's ability can help one to get HP rapidly to escape or shoot.

  • Xayne helps in breaking gloo walls very fast. For example, if an enemy is packed with gloo walls, one can break the gloo wall very fast and kill the enemy easily. Therefore, it can be used in breaking gloo walls quickly as well!


We can conclude that the new character Xayne has an amazing ability that can be a massive game-changer for players. 

However, Chrono is still dominating in-game because its ability is really very special as well as powerful and players can easily kill others by using chrono's skill.

Now, I'd like to turn it over to you:

Out of Chrono and Xayne, which character do you like the most?

Or, you may have a question.

Either way, feel free to comment and let me know! 


Raj Oberoi

Raj Oberoi

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