Clash of Clans Lava Hound Upgrade Cost and Time [LIST]


The Lava Hound is an aerial tank in Clash of Clans known for its high hit-point attacks.

It is unlocked at dark barracks level 6.

And, after unlocking it many people get confused about the upgrade cost and time of the Lava Hound.

But worry not, here I am to help you with the issue.

I summarised the Upgrade cost and upgrade time of the Lava Hound in a tabular form so that you don’t need to do any math at all.

Along with the table, I've explained the data in simple words to help you understand it better.

So, without any further ado, let's dive right into it!

Lava Hound Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time in Clash of Clans

The following table lists the required data:

Lava Hound level Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Cumulative Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Time
1 to 2 35,000 35,000 2 days 12 hours
2 to 3 60,000 95,000 5 days
3 to 4 120,000 215,000 9 days
4 to 5 190,000 405,000 14 days
5 to 6 270,000 675,000 16 days

The data in the above table can be interpreted as:

  • Level 1 Lava Hound can be upgraded to level 2 by using 35,000 dark elixirs, and a total of 2 days 12 hours.
  • It will require 60,000 dark elixirs and 5 days in order to upgrade your Lava hound from level 2 to level 3.
  • 120,000 dark elixirs and 9 days are required to upgrade your Lava hound from level 3 to level 4.
  • A total of 190,000 dark elixirs and 14 days are required to upgrade your Lava hound from level 4 to level 5.
  • To finally max out your Lava hound, that is, upgrading it from level 5 to level 6 will require 270,000 dark elixirs and a total of 16 days.

The 'Cumulative Cost' column in the table can be used to keep track of the amount of dark elixir that is being used for the upgrades.


In this article, I have listed the upgrade cost, cumulative cost and upgrade time of Lava Hound.

I’ll also update the data in this article if any number changes in the game in the future.

Tell me in the comments about your current level of lava hounds, and if you have already maxed it out.

Also let me know if you have any questions.

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